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Anne Smith, Potomac Prints

We came across this artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, on the waterfront in Old Town, Alexandria. She has made a series of beautiful screen prints of the Potomac River in different states and different times of day. 

 Anne Smith,  Potomac Prints,  2016, silkscreen, 8" x 10" each print. Photo: Greg Staley. 

Anne Smith, Potomac Prints, 2016, silkscreen, 8" x 10" each print. Photo: Greg Staley. 

View more of Anne’s Potomac Prints on her website.



Fly-Over Documentaries on the potomac river & the Chesapeake Bay

Produced by PBS & Maryland Public Television, these documentaries present all the beauty and history of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay, with views exclusively from the sky.

Potomac by Air:

Full video here in low resolution on Vimeo, or buy the Blu-Ray or standard DVD from MPT.



Chesapeake Bay by Air:

Watch online here, or purchase the Blu-Ray or standard DVD from MPT.


Did you know that DC has an annual Bluegrass/Folk festival on an Island?

Learn more about this cool event, hosted by an amazing organization.